Northern Conference

Abundant Life Centre, Bradford. 14th March 2009

Main Conference Brochure


Spirituality and Mental Health - Dr Rob Waller - slides - transcript - audio
Emotionally Healthy Church - Revd Will Van Der Hart - audio
Question and Answer session after Keynotes - audio


Mike Bush and Jonathan Clark - audio not available
Arianna Walker and Stephen Matthew and Closing Panel - audio


Can Christians take Antidepressants - Rob Waller - see London 08 for audio
Christian Counselling - Greta Randle -
see London 08 for audio
Caring for the Carers - Amanda Stevenson and Sheryl Ashton - audio
Older Peoples Faith and Mental Health - John Wattis and Christine Chapman - audio
5 Things to do in a Pastoral Crisis - Will Van Der Hart -
see London 08 for audio
Spirituality and the NHS - Waller/Upadhyaya/Skinner/Meesam - slides - audio
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