I'm not supposed to feel like this

The title says it all - this is what most Christians believe. However, the way most people understand this makes them guilty and their depression/anxiety worse. The book uses Cognitive Behavioual Therapy [CBT] to explain how to change your thoughts + mood.
Chris Williams, Ingrid Whitton and Paul Richards, ISBN 0340786396, Amazon.co.uk Link

Summary: Depression is so common that it has been described as 'the common cold of psychiatry'. It is particularly difficult for Christians - there is often a feeling that Christians 'shouldn't' get depressed, and that it and anxiety are the result of a poor or damaged relationship with God. I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE THIS is an empowering and practical response to such common feelings. In the style of a workbook, with constant reference to the Bible, and the example of Jesus, it helps the reader to understand why they feel the way they do, and to draw on God's love and grace to find a path through depression and anxiety. The authors are all Christians, and experienced counsellors and psychiatrists.

Accompanying website: http://www.feelinglikethis.com/ which has many more useful articles and also som peer-led discussion rooms if you have got stuck with a section of the book.

Best point: Accompanying website - a great place for both professonals and patients/readers/clients to get help.

Worst point: A bit heavy to read in places. You need to pause often and do the exercise they suggest.

Rating 0-10: 9

Who should read it: The book is aimed at the general public, but some of the language and concepts are quite high brow and would need some training in counselling to be able to apply.

Comment: An excellent self-help book giving practical advice that is consistent with Christianity and incorporates personal beliefs directly into the help offered


Chris Williams, Ingrid Whitton and Paul Richards, 25/07/2008
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