Handbook of religion and mental health

A serious summary of a lot of the foundational research into religion and mental health. Reports the results of several thousand research articles looking at how religion and spirituality relate to mental health problems and treatments.
Harold Koenig, ISBN 0124176453, Amazon.co.uk Link

Summary: The "Handbook of Religion and Mental Health" is a useful resource for mental health professionals, religious professionals, and counselors. The book describes how religious beliefs and practices relate to mental health and influence mental health care. It presents research on the association between religion and personality, coping behavior, anxiety, depression, psychoses, and successes in psychotherapy and includes discussions on specific religions and their perspectives on mental health. It provides a useful resource for religious and mental health professionals. It describes the connections between spirituality, religion, and physical and mental health.

Best point: A serious review of all the literature until 1998

Worst point: Now going slightly out of date and quite expensive

Rating 0-10: 9

Who should read : people interested in the backing for the role of religion in mental health

Comment: Although written in 1998 so not containing much research after 1996, the sections are very well laid out and the summaries are fantastic. I found this a very helpful place to start understanding the research.


Harold G Koenig, 25/07/2008
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