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After a season of lockdowns, Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya takes a look at Agoraphobia, the fear of crowded spaces and/or going outside. What is it, and what are the treatments?
Supporting young people in tough times can be really difficult. Here, Kate Middleton shares her top tips and tells us about a new campaign BRAVE, a brilliant new online resource for those working with young people.
As we consider the costs on mental health to those suffering deprivation, poverty, isolation and prejudice, Will Van Der Hart encourages us not lose sight of the simple medicine of welcome.
Why is access to mental health services variable in different places and for different conditions? Dr Rob Waller looks at some of the factors that cause this and what we, the Church can do to help.
If we want to live richer, fuller lives then we need to live through our bodies as well as our minds. In this article Olivia looks at how we can value our body as part of our spirituality.
In this article Clare Luther, author of The Little Paws Hotel stories, describes how finding time to connect with your young children about their emotions through stories can have a positive impact on their emotional well being.