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How can our chaotic, ordinary little Toddler Groups help in this fight for peace of mind and to address the silent poverty which can push parents to the very edge of coping? Could they be front line defence against depression and anxiety in young mums?
Refugees and Asylum Seekers come to the UK for a number of reasons. They have particular mental health needs and churches are well placed to help
Healing is often prayer for, but what if you don't get healed? Mindfulness can help us understand the process.
Psychosis and hearing voices are disturbing problems for both the sufferer and the person trying to help. Learn about causes and getting help
All these unhelpful and unintended things have been said to people with mental health problems. Can we do better?
Theos have published a new report on 'mental health and Christianity'. It asks 'what next?'
Trauma is a much misused word; it actually emanates from the Ancient Greek term meaning an injury...psychological trauma breaks through our normal defenses...
Psychological fist aid is recommended and supported by the World Health Organisation, including special guidelines for children