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You are probably doing more than you think. We need many and varied approaches. Keep going!
Sometimes life with a mental illness can just be about getting through the day. But life with God is about more than survival.
Shame affects us all. Many leaders are bound by shame and find it increasingly difficult to lead authentically...
Mental health recovery is not a linear experience, take small steps every day. Expect hard days as well as good days and try to take a recovery view over months not weeks. Remember to be kind to yourself, recovery ins't a race!
MindEd is a free educational resource on children and young people's mental health for all adults.
As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge encourage us to have conversations about mental health - how can the church help those struggling? Our very own Kate Middleton shares some thoughts.
A personal story of how faith and church has helped one person on the road to recovery from mental health problems
Is God up there and out of touch, or down here and out of ideas? Or is He neither - but in both places? What does the Easter story tell us about how to understand mental illness?