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Trauma is a much misused word; it actually emanates from the Ancient Greek term meaning an injury...psychological trauma breaks through our normal defenses...
Psychological fist aid is recommended and supported by the World Health Organisation, including special guidelines for children
Following the tragic Grenfell fire - how do we process trauma, what helps with PTSD and how can the church respond?
Do you find that you are more stressed with your phone or without it? Do you start your day with coffee or with emails? In a busy world managing your phone time can have a big impact upon your mental health...
In all of the growing discussions, I hear little, if any, discussion about mental health as experienced by older people...
A theology of mental health is rooted in 'The Suffering Victorious Christ'. Without this, we will always been in danger of defaulting to stigmatizing assumptions.
In this 45 minute Q and A that took place at St Alban's Church, London, Will Van Der Hart tracks through the journey of MASF as well as addressing many of the issues facing Christians with Mental Health issues.
Depression asks the believer to grapple, even wrestle with aspects of their faith. And sees growth.